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Thermographic Powders

Thermographic printing is a popular way of enhancing the effect of print in a diverse range of applications.

The thermographic process basically works with any wet-ink process and involves passing the printed sheets direct from the press through a system in which the powder resin is applied. The resin adheres to the wet ink and is removed from all other areas of the sheet. The substrate is then heated to make the resin melt and fuse with the ink.

The final result is a raised or three-dimensional printed effect.

Popular applications include:

bulletbusiness cards
bulletgreeting cards
bulletproduct labels
bulletgift wraps
bulletprestige reports and presentations

Standard thermographic powders are transparent and are available in high gloss, semi-gloss and dull.

Special finishes can also be obtained by using our speciality powders and Glitters.

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Last modified:  18/04/2007