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         Press-room chemistry                                        

The correct application of different press-room chemicals optimises press performance, minimises press wear and lengthens the life of plates and blankets. The use of proper blanket washes and revitalising agents produces better copies and prolongs the life of the blanket.  Correct and measured fount solutions improve press running and reduce press corrosion.

The HUNTERPRESS range of press-room chemistry had been substantially improved and developed during 2003 and this work has continued in 2004.  Much attention has been paid to getting the profiles and characteristics of this range right and at the right prices.



Fountain Solutions

FS Perfection

High speed commercial, web and packaging production. Quick start-up, low

alcohol, calcium control

FS Plus

Premium sheet fed litho fountain solution. Buffered to pH 4.55.2.

FS Web

Coldset web offset printing (can also be used for heatset with the addition of 810% isopropyl alcohol).

System Cleaner

Removal of debris and contaminants from fount circulation systems.

Blanket and Roller Washes

Auto Wash

Automatic blanket and roller wash for sheet fed systems. Very low aromatic content, low odour, non hazardous product. Manufactured in compliance with Heidelberg, KBA, Komori and MAN Roland FOGRA approvals

Fresh Wash

Low odour, water miscible, medium speed blanket and roller wash

GP Wash

Water miscible, medium/fast drying blanket and roller wash

Solo Wash

Non water miscible, medium/fast blanket and roller wash

Power Treatment

Rubber de-glazer and rejuvenator for offset rollers and blankets

Calcium Remover

Dissolves and removes calcium deposits from inking rollers

UVC Wash

Blanket and roller wash for use with UV inks and coatings

Plate Cleaners


Removes ink and other residues from the plate

PC Extra

Powerful orange emulsion plate cleaner

Plate Gums

GS Multifin

Synthetic plate finishing gum for positive and negative plates

GA Gum

Natural gum arabic for plate storage

Other products

Positive Plate Developer 1:6

Automatic or manual processing of all positive plates

Smash Repair

Blanket swelling gel for temporary blanket repairs

Plate Deletion

Deletion gel for positive plates


Removes ink from the dampening metering roller

Antioxidant Spray

Aerosol antioxidant spray to prevent ink drying and skinning in the tin or on the press

Antistatic Spray

Aerosol antistatic spray to prevent build-up of static in various materials

Silicone Spray

Silicone spray to improve slipping properties of transfer drums, folders and guillotine beds

Printers Hand Cleaner

Granular gel hand cleaner to remove ink, dirt and oil. Contains moisturiser

Barrier Cream/cleaner protective cream and cleaner for hands


























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