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PRE-PRESS ORIGINATION                                                                

         Imagesetting film                           

Kodak GEN5 is the latest generation of imagesetting product. Excellent exposure latitude combined with highly economical chemistry usage. GEN5 can be used with all imagesetters with helium neon or laser diode light sources. Ask for an applications chart.

        Kodak Graphic Commmunication Products

      Imagesetting film prices 

         Laser and Inkjet - Computer-to-film

Hunter Penrose supplies complete range of products for laser and ink jet printers. With the rapidly improving capabilities of such printers over the past few years, they are proving ideal and economical for many simpler printing jobs such as business forms, letterheads, sales leaflets etc.

Agfa Laserlink film provides a Computer-to-film solution for use with many laser printers.

Agfa Copyjet and Agfa Selectjet films can be used with many inkjet printers for the same purpose

      Copyjet data sheet

     Selectjet data sheet

We also sell the complete range of toners and cartridges for all leading ink-jet and laser printers such as Hewlett Packard, Epson etc.

         Camera and Contact films

The complete ranges of Kodak and Agfa graphic and professional films are available from Hunter Penrose. This includes popular line films such as Agfa's CE and Kodak's EL. The full range of Agfa and Kodak daylight contact and duplicating films are also sold.

In addition Hunter Penrose supplies its own HUNTERLINE and HUNTERLITH orthochromatic camera films for top quality at low cost.

         Film developers and fixers

Hunter Penrose markets the products produced by Champion Photochemistry - the world's leading manufacturer of chemistry for the graphics and photographics applications. In addition Hunter Penrose's own developers and fixers are sold under the HUNTOMATIC and HUNTOMIX labels.                             

       Huntomix prices        

      Huntomix developer data sheet

       Huntomix fixer data sheet

Hunter Penrose is a main distributor for Champion Photochemistry products. A key product amongst their range of film developers is Novotech Universal. This is a clean and highly effective product for all rapid access films, including 4th and 5th generation 'hard dot' products.

      Novotech data sheet


         Origination and darkroom supplies

Because of its very long history in the pre-press area of the printing industry, Hunter Penrose provides a totally comprehensive range of support products for the origination studio and darkroom.




    Monitor Hood                    

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Box 10 Imation CD-R 700MB/80 min only 3.75 plus VAT


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