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·         Litho plates

Hunter Penrose sells presensitised litho plates for all applications, commercial printing, small offset, web offset and packing. The negative plate range includes Hunter Penrose’s own HUNTERNEG N4000 and the Kodak Polychrome Winner products.  Positive plates for colour work, and increasingly popular as customers switch to film output in page-planned format from imagesetters, include Kodak Polychrome's Aries and Capricorn and Hunter Penrose's HUNTERPOS P4000 and P5 products.

Kodak Polychrome’s Electra  plate is the world-leader in thermal CTP applications. click here for PDF data sheet.

Kodak's new Violet Print photopolymer CTP plate sets new standards in this area of technology. The plate produces really top resolution dots.

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It offers:


lower chemistry consumption compared to silver based products


excellent imaging resolution


lower maintenance cycles


best in class for ink/water balance

   and it's the fastest plate on the market

for the best value in B3 and B2 metal CTP solutions click logo for link

Refurbished CTP systems click here

     click here for full information on Kodak Polychrome plates              

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         Kodak Classic positive plates

           Kodak Winner Negative plates                                                                                      

           Hunterpos positive plates

           Hunterneg negative plates

         and a leaflet covering Hunterneg plates


       click here for Hunterneg and Hunterpos plate prices

         Laser Printer Plates

         Hunter Penrose supplies Polyester plates which can be imaged on many laser printers, providing a very economical

         Computer-to-plate solution.

         click here for information on OMEGA laser plates


·         Planning and proofing

We market full ranges of papers and films for digital inkjet printers, including both Epson branded products and other high quality, but competitively priced alternatives.

Clearance Stocks


KODAK POLYCHROME                                                                            

Matchprint Inkjet Colour Proofing System      

This is an integrated inkjet system designed for commercial printers, trade shops and graphic designers. The system includes the Kodak Polychrome Matchprint RIP Software that incorporates CFP (Colour Fidelity Module) technology, and enables users to expand the use of their inkjet printers to produce high quality proofs, which simulate the Matchprint colour

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                                       Matchprint brochure


We also supply Epson and Hewlett Packard equipment and complete RIP solutions, including duplex printing systems for large format work.

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Click here for Epson consumables prices    

                                                                           BEST paper is now marketed under the EFI label.

Hunter Penrose is a stockist of the complete range of EFI/BEST papers. Click here for a pdf of the price list



For conventional bench planning work we still supply a complete range including planning foils, red and amber masking films, tapes, cutters, rules and straightedges, proofing systems, exposure guides, platemaking chemicals and many other items besides.



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