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Imposition Publisher overview
Media Saver is a media saving application running on Windows NT/2000 Server. It is designed to work seamlessly alongside Esko-Graphic's RipMate RIP and DotMate image setters. It automatically intercepts PostScript print jobs, analyses the page size and colour information, then arranges the pages to fill the output sheet in the most efficient manner.

Step 1. Create your PostScript Files

document Using the core Imposition Publisher technology Media Saver recognises PostScript files from over 100 different desktop publishing and word processing packages.
It allows mixing of PostScript files from several applications at the same time, automatically detecting bleeds, embedded fonts, page size, orientation and colours.

Step 2. Media Saver Detects the Files Automatically

create imposition Once Media Saver has been configured, it can be started at system start up and run in the background, with no need for user intervention.

Step 3 Media Saver Optimises the Output

scanview image setter
Media Saver takes these input files and arranges the pages on the film in the most efficient way allowing for crop marks and bleeds

Step 4. The Final Result



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Last modified:  28/02/2008