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Kimosetter 410 Platesetter           

- desktop CTP solution

The Kimosetter  410 platesetter is an affordable computer to plate system that produces first generation high quality images on 5 ml. polyester plates that are ready to go on the press.

If you create publications from desktop publishing software programs for shorter run jobs, the Kimosetter solution is for you!

The Model 410 will make plates up to 16" X 20" and sells for 3,495.00

The 410 Kimosetter features an internal RIP for either PC or MAC (up to OSX.3) and connects to your computer just as any printer would. Instead of printing to, say, a laser printer, you print to the Kimosetter. The imaged plate is then punched and put on the press. No chemicals are involved. The Kimosetter makes a thermal imaged plate, unlike laser printers which use toner. There is no toner scatter with the Kimosetter.

In most cases the Kimosetter will give you the quality of film or a metal plate. But unlike film and metal plates, there are no hazardous chemicals to ship, store, handle and dispose of.

Can't believe it? Call us for a free press ready sample plate. We can also refer you to some very happy end-users.

Kimosetter Features:

bulletInternal PC or MAC RIP
bulletToner Free - the platesetter uses its own special ink ribbon cassettes. It does not use any chemicals or toner.
bulletHigh Resolution - 1200 dpi resolution results in smooth crisp text, sharp line work and clean halftones
bulletLarge Size - accommodates all plates up to 16" X 20"  and is capable of imaging fullbleed with crop and register marks.
bulletClean Background - since it uses no toner, the thermal transfer unit cannot create unwanted background scatter.
bulletCompact Design - sits on the desktop

Kimoplate E-Plate Features:

bulletChemical Free - no special chemicals, etch or fountain solution - the plate is press ready.
bulletClean Background - no toner scatter
bulletExcellent Stability - ensures accurate image size and good registration of spot color work
bulletFast Recovery - when restarting after a stop, wipe the plate surface with clean water or fountain solution
bulletFountain Solution - compatible with most fountain solutions
bulletPrinting Inks - will run with most inks

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