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Hunter Penrose has been involved in making and selling equipment for printmaking since the 1890s. Key amongst this equipment is the range of etching presses. These presses are functional and very sturdy and retain strong traditional designs.

We supply a wide range of consumables for printmaking. Our background has been very much in the plate preparation area and we sell zinc and copper plates and their processing chemicals. We also sell photo-resists. The best known is the Lepages Photoengraving Glue. This product can be used for creating photo-sensitive coatings on to many metals for subsequent chemical etching.

            Photoengraving Glue Technical Notes

Zinc and copper plates can be supplied uncoated for you to apply your own resist or with the pre-sensitised coating already applied.

A pre-sensitised zinc plate is Hydrocoat.

              Hydrocoat data sheet

The latest presensitised plate is Vapour Jet


            Vapourjet data sheet

            Consumables Prices

            New etching blanket prices

Please note that all prices are subject to VAT and delivery charges depending on location.

PRINTMAKING EQUIPMENT                                                                      

                                                          2412 data sheet

The 2412 is the smallest model in the range. Designed for exhibition     use, its sturdy build makes it very suitable for production work, including linocut work.  Bed size is 24 x 12


              Price: 682.00 

                                                         M40 data sheet

The M40 is an economical bench-mounted press with a bed size of 15 3/4" x 27 1/2 "(40 x 70cm)  It has a phenolic resin bed and 10cm rollers.

                      Price: 1,522.00



                                                        3318 data sheet

One of the most popular presses, the 3318 has a bed size of 33 x 18. The bed is 1/2 thick ground steel. The top roller is 3 diameter, solid, ground and plated. The drive from the traditional hand-wheel through gearing gives the smooth but necessary feel when maximum pressure is required.


                    Price: 1,705.00 (extra for stand with shelf 121.00)




        M60 data sheet

The M60 is a floor-standing press with a 23.6 x 43.3" (60 x 110cm) bed. Double-geared and with 14cm diameter rollers. The bed is a phenolic resin material.


                 Price: 2,594.00





                                                           4824/9 data sheet

Floor-standing presses with 48 x 24 or 48 x 29 beds. Top rollers are a solid hefty 41/2 diameter ground and plated solid steel. The bottom roller on these models is also solid. The presses drive with double reduction gearing from the heavy spoked wheel which has a double width attractive wooden handle.


           Prices: 4824    3,236.20

                       4829    4,796.00




                                                              M80 data sheet

                 The M80 has a bed size of 80 x140cm (31 x 55"). Very sturdily built.


                                                        Price: Manually operated 4,448.00

                                                                  Motorised 5,702.00


     M100 data sheet

The M100 press has a bed size of 100 x 180cm (39 x 70"). Roller diameters are 22cm and the bed is a highly durable 2cm thick phenolic resin. It is available in motorised form.

                                                   Price: Manually operated 6,094.00

                                                             Motorised 7,521.00 


.      RELIEF PRESS       

        RP-20 relief printing press 21 x 30 cm (type proofing press


        Relief press data sheet         

                R3318 press with 33 x 18" bed size





                                                            PLATEN PRESS

            PVP-35    34 x 45 cm platen size        515.00

            Platen press data sheet





                   AQUATINT BOOTHS


                    Aquatint data sheet

                        SK-50             Capacity 50 x 60cm, fixed grill                859.00

                        SK-60             Capacity 60 x 80cm, fixed grill                936.00

                        SK-80             Capacity 80 x 100cm, slideable grill        1,345.00




    VL-3550            35 x 50 cm    30-85C                            252.00        VL 3550 data sheet

    VTL-4065          40 x 65 cm    30-85C                            430.00

    VTL-5060          50 x 60 cm    30-85C                            502.00

                                                                VTL-6080          60 x 80 cm    30-85C                            516.00        VTL 60 x 80 data sheet

                                                                VTL-65100        65 x 100 cm  30-85C                            645.00

                                                                VTL-80100        80 x 100 cm  30-85C                            690.00

                                                                VTL-80120        80 x 120 cm  30-85C                            835.00

                                                                Stand for VTL65100                                                  250.00

                                                                Stand for VTL80100                                                  250.00

                                                                STand for VTL80120                                                 250.00




Hunter Penrose make sinks to measure. You specify what you want.

Delivery times are short.


All prices are subject to VAT. Delivery charges may be extra


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