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Hunter Penrose has very extensive experience in prepress equipment for the printing industry.  The range of equipment handled includes conventional kit for analogue processes to the latest technology in digital processing.

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Hunter Penrose is involved in both new equipment produced by leading manufacturers and also high quality re-engineered kit. All such equipment is installed and commissioned by engineers specialising in the particular item and is covered by warranties.

 Operator training is available if required.

    Equipment includes:-                                       






    Digital Printing Presses                                 

    Macs and PCs

    Laser and Inkjet proofers and printers

    Film processors

    Plate readers, Densitometers and calibration tools

    Cameras - graphic and digital

    Mobile Darkrooms                                                                We have data sheets covering most of our

    Plate exposure frames                                                         equipment items. Click the underlined links

    Planning and ruling-up tables                                              for PDFs

    Viewing booths

    Registration punches                                                                  

    Digital and analogue proofing systems                                   

    Plate processors - new violet CTP processor

    Roller washing sinks

    General purpose sinks

    Work benches

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    Hunter Penrose provides a service and spares for a wide variety of  equipment. Work is carried out by   specialised engineers. Our labour cost and spares prices are highly competitive.

    We are happy to arrange complete removals and disposals.

Contact our Graphic Equipment Manager, Jane McGinty, if you have any enquiries or need more information. Email :


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