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Save time and money - increase output

Highwater is a UK company founded in 1987. They have built up a very strong position in computer-to-plate technology and are one of the largest Harlequin RIP OEMs.

With probably the lowest cost for quality metal plate systems, Highwater have launched two new platesetters.

The Cobra is a 2-up platesetter capable of producing 30 plates per hour. It uses internal drum technology for high resolution and precise registration. The maximum plate size is 550  x 627mm.

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The Python is a 4-up machine which can produce 20 4-up plates per hour. It's an internal drum machine and the maximum plate size is 615 x 745mm.

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Highwater platesetters can work  with violet light silver plates or violet photopolymer plates.

Click here for an Excel file which will help to evaluate potential savings in switching to Highwater CTP sytems

We recommend the new Kodak Violet Print photopolymer plate, which combines the following:

bulletfast imaging
bulletvery economical chemical usage
bulletlow processor maintenance
bulletno silver in waste stream
bullethigh power laser (30 or 60mw)

Hunter Penrose has a 'partnership' arrangement with Highwater and Kodak to market the package of their products. We believe this forges a link between really strong products at very affordable prices.

Because Highwater is a UK company producing the machines in the UK, technical back-up and spares are assured.

With Highwater there are no 'Extras'.

The systems include:

bulletTorrent v.7 (Harlequin) RIP
bulletExternal 3GHz Pentium 4 PC RIP platform with Windows 2000 Professional
bulletPlate punch (manual desktop unit)
bulletCTP Management software with Q2 Output controller
bulletBarcode ID System for plate remakes
bulletRemote diagnostic support
bulletInstallation, training and 12 months warranty and 3 years laser warranty.

Contact us for an initial evaluation to see how the Highwater/Kodak package can save you money and increase your output.



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Last modified:  18/04/2007